Super Cool Books (Version 2)

  • Super Cool Books (Version 2)
  • Super Cool Books (Version 2)
  • Super Cool Books (Version 2)
  • Super Cool Books (Version 2)
  • Super Cool Books (Version 2)

Super Cool Books is back again with an all new look, interface and 6 additional titles for readers young and old, reluctant and voracious! Don Bosco brings us more tales from his well-loved series Sherlock Hong, Diary of Young Justice Bao, Ghostly, My Blade Quest, School of Magical Stories. His tales bring mystery, adventure, thrill and humour together while teaching tweens important lessons about doing the right thing, being independent and taking action.

The updated app presented us with a great opportunity to get creative with Don’s  amazing content. His newer books were catered to tweens, not younger children, and he wanted the second version of the SCB app to be more appropriate to the age group. We asked ourselves, what do tweens these days love more than anything? Selfies (duh!). So we added in a feature that allowed them to take selfies and use them to customise their app. The personal touch really draws people in. We also refreshed the user interface design, adding sleek elements of fantasy to echo the books’ themes. We incorporated the signature hexagon into our design to add a further element of branding.


  • Free sample titles: enjoy complete stories
  • Buy individual titles to add to your library
  • Large type and generous white space makes for easy and fun reading
  • Bookmark pages so you can come back later
  • Personalise the app with your own photos
  • Recommended Ages: 8 to 12+
  • Suitable for girls and boys


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