Stories on Site: On Trek to Otter Greatness

Stories on Site: On Trek to Otter Greatness

Ollie the otter is on a quest to prove his worth as the next clan leader. There’s just one slight problem: that takes stellar animal diplomacy and navigational skills, and Ollie isn’t very good at either. 

What’s a good neighbour to do? Help your furry friend locate its fellow citydwellers — feathered, scaly, and more. Choose your own virtual adventure as you ‘walk’ around Pasir Ris from the comfort of your own home, and solve riddles to unlock new paths.  

Stories on Site is an interactive story game suitable for the young and the young at heart. Put on your virtual boots and thinking cap and try it out!

Best viewed on mobile.

This project is a commission for the National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood.


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