Art Tech PechaKucha

Art Tech PechaKucha

Tusitala X Feelers
An Art Tech PechaKucha

Art Tech PechaKucha is a collaboration between Tusitala x Feelers, two Potato Productions companies exploring the intersections of art and technology. Through these fun sessions, we hope to spark learning through the form of PechaKucha, a fast-paced storytelling format in which each presenter shares their work with 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each.

We also aim to foster meaningful connections, and build bridges across different sectors. We’re also sensing, exploring, and scoping possibilities around a two-week arts & tech residency for artists, technologists, and students.

Our first Art Tech PechaKucha held on 23 March 2023

Art Tech PechaKucha 23 March

Our first-ever PechaKucha night was a blast! Inspired by all things art and tech, our five presenters shared about topics related to their various practices and industries which embodied art, tech or both.

Our first-ever PechaKucha night was a blast! Inspired by all things art and tech, our five presenters shared about topics related to their various practices and industries which embodied art, tech or both.Read more on LinkedIn

Topics & Presenters:

  • the future of fashion design by Claudia Poh (she/her), accessible fashion designer,
  • the phenomena of the uncanny by Chok Si Xuan (she/her), installation-based artist that explores gestures of the mechanical,
  • how to think about art and tech by Henrik Cheng (they/them), theatre generalist,
  • simplicity / complexity and 3D printing by Hui Yijian (he/him), AM design engineer, and
  • how AI can come together with Kathakali dance, by Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer (he/him), computer scientist & Kathakali dancer.


Art Tech PechaKucha by Tusitala X Feelers

Art Tech PechaKucha 22 June

In our 2nd Edition of Art Tech PechaKucha, presentations covered the use of eye tracking in user experience design, a comparison between art and tech approaches, speculative design and AR, thoughts on whether we should trust AI, data storytelling and maps, as well as the intersection of Malay drums and electronic music.

Topics & Presenters:

  • Transforming the world with Conscious Experience Design
    Crafting impactful products and experiences
    by James Benjamin Breeze (He/Him) | Chief Experience Officer
  • Art, Technology, People
    Why tech and the arts are not so different from each other!
    by Julian Wong (He/Him) | Organisation Design Lead
  • Speculative design in AR
    We live in worlds our questions create. How can speculative augmented reality works provoke new perspectives and discussions for the present while thinking through the future?
    by Renee Wong Tong Ling (She/Her) | Creative Technologist
  • Should we trust AI? Will we?
    Do you use Google maps? Would you get in a driverless car? Would you accept a robot president?
    by Simon Chesterman (He/Him) | Senior Director for AI Governance, AI Singapore
  • Interactive maps in data storytelling
    Explore the different ways to use interactive maps to create an immersive data storytelling experience
    by Siti Aishah Bte Azmansah (She/Her) | Storytelling
  • Tradition x technology in the sonic arts
    The intersections between Malay drums and electronic music
    by Syafiq Halid (He/Him) | Sound Artist, Electronic Artist


Art Tech PechaKucha by Tusitala X Feelers

Art Tech PechaKucha 24 Aug

This August, we bring you another quickfire round of art and tech insights by a group of diverse presenters.

Topics & Presenters:

  • Sounds Fun! – Exploring the element of play within sound performance practices, deconstructing technology into its organic forms whilst at it
    by Lynette Quek (She/Her) | Audiovisual maker
  • Representing Trees in Architectural Drawings – Given the importance of drawing as an important architectural technology, what can we learn from observing how trees are being drawn?
    by John Chew Geronimo Jr (He/Him) | Student
  • Can We Not Afford to Dream? Utopian Thinking and Innovation – We are often told not to be too idealistic, things will never change. But we must. How?
    by Michael Tan (He/Him) | Lecturer (Education Research Scientist)
  • The Hard Truths of Learning to Code on Your Own – The unconventional path to becoming a programmer,
    by Syahiruddin(He/Him) | Full-stack Developer
  • Digital Transformation in Film Production – Deep fakes, and using AI to write scripts, produce videos, and imitate voices. Perspectives as a producer, writer, and actor.
    by Michael Chua (He/Him) | Actor and Cybersecurity & Digital Technology Consultant
  • Community, Sharing and Cybersecurity – Hear from the participants of our first art & technology residency as they share their process and research outcomes.
    by Totapo* residents

What is Totapo?

A two-week art & technology residency that gathers artists, technologists, and students for a process of exchange, dialogue, and collaboration. From 14 – 25 August, art & tech label Feelers, together with digital storytelling studio Tusitala, facilitated a series of in-person workshops and discussions surrounding the topic of communal experiences and sharing. Learn more


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Contact us via this form if you’re keen to be a speaker. We welcome arts and/or tech speakers to share an interesting Art & Tech presentation of your own if you think it might benefit the community!



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