Grim Granary 2

  • Grim Granary 2
  • Grim Granary 2
  • Grim Granary 2
  • Grim Granary 2
  • Grim Granary 2

If there’s something that gets us pumped, it is when a client is open to following us down our run into the proverbial creative forest. Straight from the Isles of St. Monkfish, The Grim Granary 2 is a new collection of wacky and wonderful poems with musical accompaniment and characters ready to entertain all you kids, young and old alike. This instalment features music and a special contribution by singer/songwriter, Valerie Yap.

We initially created the Grim Granary 2 app for the iPad, and it was a riot! We had great fun experimenting with features and making their quirky original art and content come to life. The dial we created to fast-forward, pause or play the videos, for example, was an experiment in UX that totally paid off! When we later designed their iPhone app, we realised that we’d have to do a UX overhaul while keeping the elements that made it such a success in the first place. A whole lot of goodness happens when we meet clients who are just as open to new things as we are. So in the words of the late, great Maurice Sendak – “Let the wild rumpus start!“

  • Concept & Poetry – Nadia DW*
  • Illustration & Layout – Ted Takeshi Doré
  • Voices – Ted Takeshi Doré & Nadia DW
  • Audio & Music Composition – Ted Takeshi Doré**
  • *Except “UMBRELLAS” by Valerie Yip and “Wyatt Earp” by TTD


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