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On Books, Digitized

I’m not into ebooks, which is strange because in addition to being a huge bookworm, I also consider myself tech-savvy. Social media presence? Boom: 115 tweets away from 26,000. Digital music? I started using Napster in fifth grade, before my voice even broke. Teaching old people about technology? I once attempted to show my grandmother…

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How and Why you should Ebook your Blog

Let’s talk about your blog for a minute. Yes, the blog you’ve been meticulously updating, and have spent stolen hours on. It’s safe to say that you’re passionate about it —you invest a lot of grey matter and that diminishing commodity – time – into each post, and you write about things that have moved…

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Ebook or App: the difference between them and which is ‘write’ for you

After much procrastination and sleepless nights fuelled by seas of coffee, you’ve finished writing that book you’ve always meant to write. What’s more, in your moments of coffee-induced clarity, you’ve also decided to publish your book digitally. Congratulations! Really, we take our hats off to you, and we’re sure your neighbour enjoyed that little victory…

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When will Apple iBookstore be available in Singapore?

When Apple iTunes arrived in Singapore on 27 June 2012, it was a celebratory moment for many of us here. Located in Asia, music lovers were somehow upset for many years over the fact that we could see the wide array of music albums and tracks available but we just did not get the official…

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Catch no ball about ebooks vs print books?

All the Lion City folks around us are in the mood of celebrating the nation's 47th birthday this week. At Tusitala, we are definitely doing our part as well. Presenting to you our Unofficial National Day Fun Pack item: information + graphics. We have been trying to 'kay poh' (poke our nose into) what's the…

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JK Rowling on Ebooks

Apologies for the title of this blogpost, which is a shameless bid to Attract More Readers! Madame Harry Potter herself, and the top tech topic of the moment? A fairly heady combination, I hope you’ll agree. (And if you’re reading this far, then you probably do agree!) We haven’t gone into the print books vs…

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