Synergy: art tech fringe

Synergy: art tech fringe

An illuminating day of art tech exploration with panels, workshops, meetups, showcases, as well as a Creative Tech PechaKucha.

Co-organised by BeFantastic and Tusitala.

  • 9 March 2024
  • fringe event, networking, workshops, panels, showcases


This event was conceptualised as a fringe event, one that brought together practitioners of the creative tech community to share, discuss, exchange, and make new connections in a safe space.

We explored the fringe format because it provides a platform for unconventional or experimental content that may not fit within the constraints of mainstream events.

Our main objectives were community engagement and peer exchange; profiling art tech projects, individuals, and companies; and broadening the community’s audience and stakeholder base to develop the local ecosystem for creative tech.


Being a community-driven, grounds-up event, we welcomed all interested collaborators to speak or showcase their art-tech works. The main requirement and common goal was for everyone to highlight any innovative, experimental, collaborative, and process-based creative tech works in Singapore.

This culminated in the following 1-day programme:

Panel discussions on the following topics Speakers
▶ Creating a spatial VR project with performance capture technology Christopher Chew, Kavitha Krishnan @avventurasg  @mayadancetheatre
▶ A Creative Tech community gathering: Void setup () { @jxke.co  @lionelchok  @spang.lei
▶ Death Tech: Designing a new process for grieving Tung Chung Yew, Jek Tan @thememshard
▶ CTRL + ALT + FUTURE: How sci-fi can help us navigate multiple futures @hao__guang @wenyilee_  @nuraliahnorasid @vrocampo  @saraahhndipity
▶ Work-in-Progress: The Sound of Stories @kaministoryteller  @ernie0529  @syafiqhalid
▶ What’s Next in XR: Insights from an artist-researcher and studio director @dbbd.sg  @thedoodlepeople.studio  @casie__lane
▶ Perspectives from Yonder: Emerging practices from Singapore and beyond By Urich Lau, Immanuel Koh, Ong Kian Peng, Clara Peh
▶ Creative Tech PechaKucha
Presentations: Data as a Lover (On Physical Computation), by Isabella Ong; A Design Comedy, by Ker Siang; Design for Mixed Reality, by Samantha Lee; Weaving as Computational Thinking, by Tiffany Loy. Learn more at https://sgctpk.glitch.me/
Featuring Isabella Ong, Ker Siang, Samantha Lee, Tiffany Loy


Art tech showcases Artists
▶ Another Place / Another Space Akai Chew @_a_kai_
▶ Pandera Joey Chan @jxxycke_
▶ Geylang Dreamscape: AI Altered Alleys Layla Wei @thelaylaway
▶ Aerography Valerie Ng @vngart
▶ Aero Forms AR Valerie Ng @vngart
▶ Musical Table Mahyuddin Chan @dinchan.art
▶ Measure a Machine’s Heart
Bảo Anh Bùi @bao.anh.bui
▶ Karaoke Poetry Tusitala & Matter.Less @matterless.sg
▶ Artisoul Mixed Reality Kindcrafts Timothi Lim and The Doodle People @thedoodlepeople.studio


Hands-on workshops, small gatherings, and 1-1 consults Collaborators
Creative Tech branding meetup Members of the Creative Tech Community
▶ Art Tech tarot card readings Chong Gua Khee @dramatarojak
▶ Any way you Like – Design a tour with Setmaker (Workshop) Rupert Thomson
▶ 4D printing – Accessing and enhancing art practice through diverse processes (Workshop) Wan Kyn Chan 
▶ Career Coaching Christie Chua
▶ From EDM to EMAI: Explorations in music and AI (Workshop) Lionel Chok, Yvette Chua
▶ Beyond Funding: Expanded Ideas and Approaches to Supporting Creativity and Communities (Roundtable) 

Synergy: art tech fringe - an illuminating day of art tech exploration with panels, workshops, meetups and a Creative Tech PechaKucha!
Images captured by Tusitala and Vivian Fung

For a detailed program and information about the speakers, please refer here.

Next Steps

We hope that all 141 attendees, and our 47 contributors (speakers, facilitators, showcase artists), took something of value away from the event.

With the high interest it has garnered, and the valuable contribution it has towards the creative tech community, Tusitala and BeFantastic are planning to organise another art tech fringe event in the 4th quarter of this year.

Once again, we will invite art tech practitioners via an open call to collaborate for the next iteration, in hope to bring together more experts and enthusiasts in the art tech intersection within Singapore. 

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Project Team

Event Organisers

Tusitala is a Singapore-based digital storytelling studio that creates novel literary experiences. We produce creative projects that are interactive, fun, and meaningful, reimagining the future of reading where art meets tech.

BeFantastic is a TechArt platform that engages a vibrant international community of TechArt creators and experts to push the boundaries of technology and the arts. With a focus on making through an annual international fellowship and showcasing through a marquee festival titled FutureFantastic, BeFantastic carries forth the ethos of innovation in the tech & arts, with a deep focus on community.

Venue Sponsor

Found in 2019 by Fang Low, Figment is a boutique hospitality company specialising in heritage home rentals for the creative class. Through partnerships with local creators, Figment designs fully-furnished shophouse studios inspired by the culture and heritage of the dwelling, neighbourhood, and city. Figment’s commitment to the arts is tangible in our practice of allocating 15% of rental proceeds to local artists and creatives within the community.

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