little red comma

little red comma

little red comma fuses Singapore fiction with new media, comprising digital adaptations of six diverse literary works that span the genres of poetry and short fiction. From the end of August to November 2020, a new work will be released every fortnight on Esplanade Offstage, featuring original illustrations and audio produced by our partner Artwave Studio.

This project is a commission by the National Art Council, presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Publication date Literary Work Author Publisher Art
31 Aug Kavadi
Latha  Epigram
Sophia Tan
14 Sep The Ant and his Ocean Yeng Pway Ngon City Book Room Josef Lee
28 Sep The Gift  Melissa De Silva Math Paper Press katblah
12 Oct  Nightjar Arthur Yap NUS
Amirah Kamis
26 Oct Prophetic Vision of Next Week’s Grain Consumption Pattern Samuel Lee Math
Jolene Tan
9 Nov Resolution Mohamed Latiff Mohamed Ethos
Ross Monday 



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