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  • Speech Bubble Website
  • Speech Bubble Website
  • Speech Bubble Website
  • Speech Bubble Website
When we were approached to design the website for Speech Bubble 2016, we were thrilled! A month-long celebration of comics, the event was an opportunity for us to tap into our team’s flair for illustration and whimsical design.
In this project, we took charge of the design and concept of the website. We chose that particular shade of yellow to symbolise youthful energy. We incorporated our hand-drawn illustrations of everyday objects to communicate the organic essence of comics, and show just how relatable they are. Additionally, the idea of using photos of kuti-kuti was an intentional decision to mirror the style of the Speech Bubble booth at the NLB – a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s. We are also very happy to have integrated actual work done by local comic artists into our designs – what better way to celebrate their talent and contributions! The navigation and content plan were fun to put together. We especially loved doing the “comic-fied” illustrations of the speaker’s photos that show up when you scroll over them! We thought it would be a delightful touch. We also designed the event image for Speech Bubble’s Opening Night that was used to promote the event on social media channels. We used a darker blue for this one because the event took place at night.
In addition to the digital awesomeness, we also translated our designs to print formats for the posters and brochures. We kept the style consistent with the website, but modified certain elements to make sure they would capture attention and stand out in the best way possible!

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Tusitala was born in 2010, with a focus on telling transmedia stories. We’re based in Singapore, perfectly poised to represent the breadth and depth of Asian content available in the region. With the world increasingly looking towards Asian stories, we’re both excited and proud to be where we are!

The name Tusitala harks to an island in Samoa, where author Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last years of his life. The locals of the island fondly nicknamed him Tusitala, which means storyteller. In our work, we embody the essence of a storyteller: using different mediums and techniques to deliver a powerful message to our audiences. Only, we take it a step further by introducing the exciting potential of technology.

Our logo is a kitsune – nine-tailed fox, native to Asian folklore and legend. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean folktales, the kitsune is an enchanted animal – magnetic, intelligent, powerful, and able to take human form. From the complexity of the symbolism, we derive simple principles that we stand for – potency, wisdom and creative rebellion.

(This creativity, we must disclose, often vanishes when determining where we should go for lunch each day)

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Email your resume, github url, OS preferece, expected salary to hr@tusi.sg.