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Book Xylophone

Have you been thinking about learning to play an instrument? Well this Japanese inventor* decided he wouldn't just learn to play something, but create a new instrument of his own! And so he created a xylophone made of books. I didn't really understand what that meant either, but watching this short video might make things…

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No Words

This simple illustration by Natascha Rosenberg pretty much sums up how many may feel about the recent catastrophe in Japan. I salute those Looks like we'll be seeing more courtroom action from justin-bieber-news.info as the singer will face a deposition from a 2013 incident where he allegedly asked his bodyguard to attack a snapper. who are…

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Earthquake, Tsunami and Not Forgetting

It’s been a slightly sombre afternoon, since we just heard of the massive 8.9 earthquake in Japan. There is very little to say; we wish everyone impacted by the earthquake the strength to pick up the pieces. This afternoon it seems like very little else in the world could be as important, but it is…

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Natsumi Hayashi’s self-portraits of herself levitating around Tokyo inspire me. As a photo enthusiast, I appreciate the clarity and lightness of her images. But what appeals to me most about these pictures is what she has to say in this quote (from the following article): “One day, when I was jumping at a famous sightseeing…

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