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Catch no ball about ebooks vs print books?

All the Lion City folks around us are in the mood of celebrating the nation's 47th birthday this week. At Tusitala, we are definitely doing our part as well. Presenting to you our Unofficial National Day Fun Pack item: information + graphics. We have been trying to 'kay poh' (poke our nose into) what's the…

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Which Horror Novel is Right for You?

If you’re a fervent reader of our blog, then you probably remember that amazing NPR infographic about science fiction novels. Remember that one? Yes? That very illustration inspired redditor happinessinmiles to create one that’s designed to tell us which horror novel is right for us. This won’t probably make your hair stand or your spine…

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Biographies, Simplified

The public’s collapsing attention span has given rise to a relatively new content format: the infographic. It is essentially a graphic representation of complex data, like the rise of the mobile workforce, the interconnectedness of Silicon Valley companies, the deconstruction of a cupcake,  and even Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans. For those who can’t sit still…

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#savingtheearth with Ebooks

This infographic tells you exhaustively why ebooks exact far, far less of a toll on the environment than their print counterparts. So do the earth a favour, and read at least 23 ebooks a year. (Why 23? Read the infographic to find out! And please, don’t print it out!)