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What Stories Do Abandoned Bicyles Tell?

Cycling is something I enjoy when I am in a park. Think East Coast Park, West Coat Park, Labrador Park, and maybe Sentosa Island (it may not be a park but to me I view Sentosa as one huge park with just more to explore). Compared to cycling on the roads, the park is definitely…

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From Olden Times

  My internet-picking for today is The Book Inscriptions Project. I’ve always loved scouring second-hand bookshops, because the thought of all the personal histories accumulated within the thousands of pages always give me the goosebumps. Books are such personal, intimate objects,  and this is heightened when the book is a gift–carefully chosen and inscribed with…

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after the quake

“Five straight days she spent in front of the television, staring at crumbled banks and hospitals, whole blocks of stores in flames, severed rail lines and expressways.” UFO in Koshiro You’re probably familiar with the knotted-gut feeling that Murakami describes in the line above. While it may seem terribly prescient of a Japanese author to…

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Curious George has a Serious Past

In 1941, a lovable monkey named George sailed on a ship to America. And from here, he walked jauntily onto the shores of New York, and off the pages into the delighted hearts and minds of children. As any Curious George lover will testify, 70 years later he still hasn’t stopped making an impression! Something…

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