Where Great Work Lives

Where Great Work Lives

CORPORATE REAL ESTATE (CRE) is changing fast. In a world where clients need every advantage, CRE—a company’s means of housing its operations—is coming to the fore of corporate strategy. CRE professionals are no longer simply property hunters or facilities managers, but valuable consultants and partners whose input can make or lose millions. In this book, veteran CRE representative Chua Ming Lee distils her decades of experience into clear, simple lessons that anyone can learn and apply. Peppered with invaluable perspectives and lessons from case studies, Where Great Work Lives is your essential guide to building your career as a trusted, successful CRE professional.

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Author: Chua Ming Lee

CHUA MING LEE has more than 20 years of leadership, business and industry experience in the occupier services arena on a global scale. Ming Lee is Managing Director, Head of Account Management, Global Occupiers Services APAC at Cushman and Wakefield (C&W). She has recently moved to focus fully in strengthening the Account Management capabilities in APAC. Her role includes strengthening client relationship and driving business growth across different service offerings by providing tailored, forward-focused solutions to outsourcing contracts from MNC clients on their corporate real estate portfolios, and ensuring they are executed well and achieve their aims on an account level.

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