“The love of God, despite being the subject matter of countless number of sermons and prayers, is often reduced to one word—unconditional.
But what does it mean when we describe God’s love as unconditional?
Most people expect God to be involved in human affairs for our good. However, not every worldview speaks of God as love. Only the Judeo-Christian worldview uniquely describes God as love. And while we could speak of divine love as “unconditional”, we must not conclude that God’s love is always and only unconditional. Love has its demands.
In this book, Jose Philip explores the notion of God’s unconditional love by taking us through the book of Hosea, inviting us to consider the many aspects of divine love for humans—and how this love leads to our ultimate good.”

Print publisher: Armour Publishing

Author: Jose Philip

Jose Philip was born in Kerala and grew up in Chennai, India. He became a follower of Jesus Christ when he was 14. Jose is currently serving as an Evangelist and Apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific). He also lectures on Apologetics, Christian Ethics and Gospel & Culture at Singapore Bible College, Baptist Theological Seminary and Bible College Malaysia.

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