Supernatural Haiku

Supernatural Haiku

Supernatural Haiku is a collection of horror haikus, created and inspired by the supernatural beliefs in societies all around the world. Crafted with sheer poetic intensity these haikus will take you into the darkest parts of the unforgiving underworld. Be prepared to BELIEVE and BELIEVE that we are not alone in the night.

Authored by Elancharan Gunasekaran, a young poet. Supernatural Haiku is his first collection of poetry. His poetry works “Black & Gold” and “The Tormented” have been published online in Miracle E-Zine and showcased on the Mini Operas website respectively.

Author: Elancharan Gunasekaran

Elancharan Gunasekaran, 24, started writing poetry after his National Service. His love for poetry began with a collection of Zombie Haiku he read at a local bookstore. He has majored in Biomedical Electronics from Republic Polytechnic and earned a second diploma in Psychotherapy from the School of Positive Psychology. He writes, determined to revive Singapore's 'Dead' poetry society. Elan is currently collaborating with a fellow poet on a collection of full-length Hindu themed poems.

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