Start and Grow Your Business Successfully

Start and Grow Your Business Successfully

The pains and gains of an entrepreneur’s journey are palpable. But how can you strive to start and grow your business that yields more gains and less pains? Author and management consultant Tan Tat Jin shares his vast experience in consulting work for businesses big and small, his insights on what makes a business tick, as well as his own entrepreneurial path spanning over three decades. This book “Start and Grow Your Business Successfully” provides readers with invaluable understanding on why some businesses thrive and why some fail. It covers key areas including:

• Personal vision
• Planning to start a business
• Effective management of business and people
• The five-stage life cycle of a start-up entrepreneur
• Building a values-based business
• Self-mastery and core values
• Case studies and three entrepreneurs’ journeys

Print publisher: Write Editions

Author: Tan Tat Jin

Tan Tat Jin, Founder of Capelle Consulting, has been its Managing Partner and Principal Consultant since 1995. Spanning over three decades, Tat Jin has advised firms ranging from SMEs to MNCs on matters pertaining to Organisational Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Owner-Managed Businesses and Entrepreneurship. In addition, he has provided consultancy to entrepreneurs in their start-up phase to advanced stages of their businesses, as well as family-owned businesses. Prior to that, Tat Jin held several positions in Shell Eastern Petroleum from 1982 to 1995, including serving as its Organisation Effectiveness Advisor and Learning Systems Advisor in the East and Australasia region. In 2002, he was appointed by the Government of Singapore to be a member of the Economic Review Sub-Committee (Impact of Economic Restructuring).

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