Sound: A Comics Anthology

Sound: A Comics Anthology

Traffic. A crunchy snack. An argument. What does sound look like to you?

Difference Engine is proud to present its first comics anthology, SOUND: A Comics Anthology. Writers and illustrators from all around Southeast Asia were challenged to push the boundaries of depicting the unseen through the medium of visuals and words, while telling stories important to them.

Guest editors Budjette Tan and Charis Loke have put together an intriguing list of stories that showcase the creativity of creators across Southeast Asia—both familiar and new names. In a broad range of genres and topics, this collection of stories is an exciting exploration of what the comics medium is capable of.

Head to this accompanying microsite to find out more about the creators’ thought process!

Print publisher: Difference Engine Pte Ltd

Author: Various / Budjette Tan and Charis Loke (Editors)

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