Simple Tips for Happy Kids

Simple Tips for Happy Kids

All huge tasks need to be made simple with clear anchors. Anchors help us to maintain focus while simplicity gives us confidence to try and keep going! This book helps parents to focus on the anchors that are critical to a happy and successful parenting experience. The simple, easy-to-do ideas will breathe wind into your sails and start you on an adventure unique to you and your children. Stay anchored and explore the seas!

“Thoroughly engaging… This book is a quick run through for busy parents to understand their roles in bringing up happy and confident children. I wish I had written this compendium nugget myself!”
– Associate Professor Daniel Fung (Senior Consultant Psychiatrist Chief, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore. Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School & Nanyang Technological University)

“A primer that’s worth reading carefully… an important contribution to the field of parenting, and better than most.”
– Dr David Fedo (Executive Director and Visiting Scholar, Wheelock College Center for International Education, Leadership and Innovation – Singapore)

“Simple Tips for Happy Kids provides valuable reminders to parents for more deliberate and gracious parenting so the whole families can be nurtured.”
– Dr Eliza Lian-Ding (Counselling Psychologist)

Print publisher: Write Editions

Author: Jenni Ho-Huan

Jenni is grateful for the riguer de grĂ¢ce that has helped her embrace motherhood and appreciate the many contours for growth it offers. She has two energetic children eleven and six, who never tire of her company and really test out her ideas! She is growing old an up all at once - and her two children are the most exacting yet kind tutors of life she has ever known. She is a life coach, femme columnist for IMPACT magazine and author of "When God shapes a w.i.f.e." but enjoys being a mom most (most days)! Jenni can be contacted at jhohuan@gmail.com and her blog is at jennihh@blogspot.com

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