The Synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization

The Synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization
The Modern Age of Self-Realization is your holistic guide to living a more enriching spiritual life. Informed by her studies in a plethora of religions, yoga and meditation, Brintha Devi provides the reader with simple, actionable steps to achieve heightened awareness and well-being. She also draws insight from metaphysical sciences to grow spirituality and stillness in modern day life. Be prepared to question your philosophies and motivations as you explore this work.
Tusitala has worked closely with Brintha to design her ebook cover, incorporating themes of mysticism and exploration that her writing conveys.

Author: Brintha Devi

Brintha Devi was born in Singapore, and is pursuing her career as a freelance writer. This ebook, “The synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization”, is her first published work. At a young age, she began her search for Self-Realization and strived to become a Guru/Spiritual Master. At the age sixteen, she conferred enlightenment. and at twenty one, a Professor of Metaphysics and Psychology, Prof. Dr. Kader Ibrahim deemed her an enlightened one, and predicted that she will be a Mataji/Revered Mother/Guru in future. She is presently an official member of SRF (Self-Realization fellowship), as she is yet to complete her spiritual odyssey to achieve enlightenment. Brintha is keenly interested in spirituality, philosophy, poetry, and literature. She hopes to write about politics, social issues, and more interdisciplinary genres. Through her writing she wishes to disseminate the essence of transcendental truth. Aside from this, Brintha is also passionate about dance, art, crafts, theatre, cooking, music, and service.

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