Scaling Walls

Scaling Walls

An true, inspiring and motivational story of someone born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects muscular control and body movements, due to injury to the brain before, during or in the first few months of birth.

Against all odds, the writer chooses to live her life to the fullest and even wrote her own story to encourage others to find the light in their lives.

Author: Oh Siew May

Oh Siew May was born with Cerebral Palsy but lived her life in a most extraordinary way. She did not succumb to disability and social discrimination, she challenged the perception that disabled persons are not able to lead normal lives, and went on to complete her Secondary School education, become employed, start her own business, and later scale Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. While her journey was not all smooth sailing, she emerges triumphant, and her story is an inspiration to all.

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