Raw Diamonds

Raw Diamonds

She was once an ordinary teen. But a practical career decision led her on an extraordinary journey as a teacher. Set in an educational institution where some say “It’s The End, author Maggie Lai discovered that there was more to life in every teen she met in that place. Beyond every stare, sob, smile and laughter is a life intertwined with a bigger world of relationships, issues and possibilities; a world sometimes too complicated and confusing for the teen. Written in candid honesty, Raw Diamonds digs deep into the heart of the matter of not just the vocational teens’ life but that of caregivers’ too – the pain and struggles of being stuck in the mud of life; the joy and freedom of beaming at the peak. Raw Diamonds is a sweet reminder that we are all connected in some ways and we can all make an impact on a teen’s life – for good, and for the better. Truly, each and every teen – notwithstanding his or her vocation and background – is a precious diamond born and destined to shine – when we believe.

Print publisher: Write Editions

Author: Maggie Lai

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