Psychology of Love, Money, & Life

Psychology of Love, Money, & Life

Ever wondered how to spend less and save more? Or maybe you’re looking for better ways to cope with loss. In this engaging read, author Anna Agoncillo examines life, love and money through the lens of psychology. Using simple, relatable anecdotes and examples, she highlights why our minds work the way they do. All the fun of psychology minus the jargon! Let this book guide you into analysing yourself with respect to the bigger picture, preventing detrimental behaviour and being happier and healthier!

Author: Anna Agoncillo

Anna's longstanding interest in discovering and understanding human behaviour has made her an avid people-watcher, curious about how minds work. Naturally, she graduated under Cardiff Metropolitan University with a degree Psychological Studies with Honors. Combining her passion for psychology and writing, she started a successful blog 'Miss Psychobabble' and has contributed to various other platforms such as Money Digest, Bored Panda and Thought Catalog. She considers herself an enthusiastic, hardworking individual who relentlessly pursues her dreams. Anna is based in Singapore, and is planning to write a book based on forensic psychology next.

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