No One Born Poor

No One Born Poor

In one of the most extraordinary stories ever told, No One Born Poor poignantly captures the inconceivable life of Veng Sereyvuth. From a village boy in Prey Veng in Cambodia, a cyclo driver, a prisoner and a refugee, to becoming a politician, a Cabinet Minister in the Cambodian Government and a pioneer in education today – all in the span of 30 years – this striking autobiography of Veng Sereyvuth is an epitome of the indefatigable human spirit.

Set against the backdrop of Cambodia’s tumultuous 1970s, when over two million of its people were killed, and the country’s ensuing political and socio-economic developments, this book encapsulates a man’s dauntless and determined belief in a better tomorrow – even in the face of death – amid the most horrific and haunting evils ever witnessed in the 20th century. It is profoundly painful, visceral, yet utterly triumphant.

By baring his deepest emotions and boundless aspirations, Veng desires every reader to grasp the enduring truth that within each of us lies our greatest riches – the courage and conviction to imagine and create our future, regardless of what we may confront. The Cambodians call this axiom the Angkor Spirit. In Veng’s words, “The world within you, and the world beyond you, are exceedingly more glorious than you can ever imagine. Let no one tell you that you’re born poor.”

Print publisher: Write Editions

Author: Veng Sereyvuth

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