Navigating Pull-Back Effects

Navigating Pull-Back Effects

WHEN A LEADER SEEKS TO BRING CHANGE in a church, there may be a “laden baggage”—a cultural resistance—that could pull back on leadership efforts and resist positive change. Many external leadership methods, while important and needful, often advocate pushing through the resistance, moving resistive elements to the periphery so that positive change can occur. Yet, such an approach alone may result in hurts and suppressed emotions which could inevitably return to haunt at a later stage. How may a leader lead differently, using internal leadership methods, to navigate cultural resistance in the hearts and minds of people? Philip seeks to share cultural resistances he has observed that often block positive leadership change.

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Author: Rev Dr Philip Huan

REV. DR. PHILIP HUAN has been consulting for churches in Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand and China since 2006. Often tenured one to four years to a church at a time in his consultancy, Philip has observed different kinds of church cultural resistances. He has been a pastor for 21 years and in 2006 he founded a ministry for preaching, teaching and church consultancy “ChurchLife!” (www.churchlife-resources.org). Through it, he has ministered to over 90 churches locally and in the region. Philip has guided and coached Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Church Boards, Ministry Staff and Lay Leaders. He has worked with churches on arenas such as Leadership Development, Discipleship Process Architecture, building Outreach Cultures and Pastoral Skills development. He has lectured on Leadership (credit and lay courses) in Singapore Bible College and Trinity Theological College. Philip holds a Bachelor of Science (NUS), Masters of Divinity (Trinity Theological College) and a Doctorate of Ministry (Asbury Theological Seminary).

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