Money Wisdom

Money Wisdom

Financial wellness invariably ranks among an individual’s top life pursuits. After all, with wealth (and health), we have the options to do what we really want to do with the people most significant to us. Nonetheless, considering the unceasing economic and market uncertainties that plague the world today, it is crucial, now more than ever, that people acquire money wisdom—clear, unvarnished and simple financial truths—to navigate through the minefields of misinformation and false promises in order to achieve financial security. In Money Wisdom, author and veteran financial adviser Christoper Tan distils his over 20 years of broad and penetrating insights—penned painstakingly in a series of articles and commentaries—to equip ordinary, working individuals and families with financial truths and tools. These include risk mitigation, insurance planning, retirement planning and personal finance, all of which are aimed at guiding readers to make purposeful life and financial decisions. Genuine, personal and comprehensive, Money Wisdom serves as a roadmap to inspire readers and even sophisticated investors to build meaningful and enduring financial wellness. The insightful counsel that peppers the pages of this book, oftentimes made only accessible to mainly institutional and affluent individuals, is now brought to the man in the street.

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Author: Christopher Tan

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