Memories@Pioneer 2016

Memories@Pioneer 2016

Pioneer Secondary School Year Book 2016

“In September 2015, we started to formulate a new strategic plan to chart our journey into 2016 and the following years. The new vision, mission and values of the school were shared with all stakeholders at the start of Term 1 and we articulated our commitment to providing a holistic education for every Pioneer. In March, we experienced a deep stirring of emotions as we received news of the school merger. As we came together as a community to move towards an acceptance of the news and to¬†work towards a successful merger, we also maintained sight of the plans and goals of the year and forged ahead to make every contribution count.

The photographs and class contributions that you will find in this year book bear testament to this concerted effort by our staff, students and alumni. Apart from this, I believe that each of us has our own bank of memories of the places, moments and people in this school that we each hold dear in our hearts and minds.”

– Mr. Chan Weng Kit, Principal of Pioneer Secondary School

Author: Pioneer Secondary School

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