Lord Of The Nations

Lord Of The Nations

Christians today desperately need a deeper understanding of the complete story of the Bible. The contemporary Church, in reading Scripture, is to first and foremost seek questions about the character of God, and not be mired in the trenches of self-centered questions. Lord of the Nations addresses an issue that is of critical significance for every believer: the question of how we read the Bible. Author and Bible scholar Dr. David J. Miller shows how the Bible is one glorious narrative of God’s unmistakable, merciful working throughout history, to the present and to the end of time. Clear, vigorous yet accessible, Dr. Miller focuses on the unchanging character of God as demonstrated through his relationship with the nations of the world, particularly Israel. In providing the “big picture” of Scripture, Dr. Miller writes not just to be intellectually informative but, more importantly, to inspire everyone who desires to know the God of truth and understand his ways.

Print publisher: Word Editions

Author: Dr. David J. Miller

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