Kill My Thoughts

Kill My Thoughts

For those with a predisposition to all things dark, even macabre, this collection of poems is sure to please. While the poems delve into universal themes such as love, longing, hope, anger and vengeance, everything is tinged with the poet’s signature dark shade. Through his poems, he dissects the lives of people who we often neglect to see – the marginalised, the wounded, who are trapped in predicaments that are difficult to escape from.

Andrew wanted his ebook cover to reflect the dark nature of his poems. We aimed to design something that conveyed this sense of gloom and foreboding without being too gruesome or gory. We’re thrilled with the results!

Author: Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall started writing his poetry from the abyss of society. It has been a journey of three years, resulting in an emotional catharsis and a subsequent deeper understanding of his inner self. He would like to thank fellow poets of the Night Light Poets group for allowing him to share his poetry with them.

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