Gasing Boy

Gasing Boy

John Chow is in trouble. Sent away on holiday, he unwittingly enters a top-spinning competition with a champion spinner. John can barely spin a bottle, let alone the traditional Malay top, the gasing.

The stakes are high. The reputation of his uncle and friends ride on his shoulders. Does John have the nerves and skills to withstand the whirlwind training and emerge as the champion?

In the past few years, local historian/writer Ho Lee-Ling has been busy writing books for children based on Singapore’s rich history. In between writing Samsui Girl, Wayang Girl and Gasing Boy, Lee-Ling was working on commissioned works.

Print publisher: The History Workroom

Author: Ho Lee-Ling

Ho Lee-Ling is a Singapore writer and researcher. As former teacher and museum educator, she is passionate about researching and writing books about the Singapore experience especially for children. Her first book, Samsui Girl, was awarded a First-Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing grant in 2006. She has since written many other titles including picture books such as MJ’s classroom series.

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