Digital CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Digital CRM | Customer Relationship Management

The information age has engendered boundless business possibilities in the digital space as organisations big and small race to connect with customers across the globe. Their No. 1 aim: to build trust and attract buy-in through creative and intelligent digital customer relationship management
(CRM) initiatives. A good deal of literature has been written on digital CRM, however, arguably none has been penned through the lens of Asian perspectives. In Digital CRM, author Danny Condecido methodically unfolds what is needed to build long-term relationship via CRM with consumers in Asia and beyond. Considered by many as a leading Asian CRM expert, readers will be guided to the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in CRM. Comprehensively and authoritatively articulated, this easy-to-read book is geared not only towards corporate executives with mega-investments in CRM but also businessmen running successful local companies and bootstrapping start-ups. Digital CRM aims to inspire and direct readers to embark on the delightful path of creating long-lasting recipe of actionable strategies for marketing, sales, and service to ultimately win today’s digitally savvy customers.


Print publisher: Write Editions

Author: Danny Condecido

DANNY CONDECIDO is a consummate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) advocate, innovator, evangelist, consultant and trainer. Described as a rare strategist who brings his expertise in CRM technology into real applications that support business growth, his relentless passion in understanding business challenges, coupled with his strong customer analytics knowledge, invariably trigger highly valued and differentiated digital marketing initiatives and customer-centric strategies. A CRM executive with a Fortune 500 company, Danny is also the founder of a social enterprise e-commerce platform MyTiangge.PH. He continues to train and consult leading firms in Asia.

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