Last month, the Tusitala team embarked on a project to create something small together everyday based on ideas and inspiration that struck us on the day. For the whole of July, we’ve gathered as a team for 10-15 minutes everyday, put our heads together and produced images/videos that we shared on our social media platforms. The idea behind #createeveryday was to celebrate our creative expression in small ways as a team – to agree on a topic and explore it in myriad ways. For those of us whose jobs tug us towards the less glamorous, more confined spaces of logistics and management, these little breaks were our shrug of defiance and rebellion.

Here are 3 of our favourites:

  • The Anatomy of a Curry Puff


One of our collective 3pm snacks is a hot curry puff, which is always a little bit of a mystery. The little pouch of pastry holds inside it a mix of intrigue, nostalgia and delicious comfort. We wanted to put names to those feelings, to demystify the object of our desire (this sounds like an exaggeration, but at 3pm after a long day you’d be persuaded) and explore its components. Our designer Adeline illustrated the ingredients and put it together using stop-motion animation, that is, a series of photographs with progressive movement. Stop-motion animation is very easy to do using just your phone camera and Google Photos. While effort on your part is minimal, the delight factor is immense.

  • The never-ending flow of coffee

If you don’t see movement, tap on the image to make the magic happen.

For some members of our team, coffee is an essential life force that allows us to function. Our chief geek Saad was given a mug that encompasses that sentiment; it reads “but first coffee” We experimented with using software to make his dream of a never-ending flow of coffee come to life. The product was a cinemagraph – a still photo that has one subtle moving component on loop. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to do this. All it takes is a steady hand filming a short video and some photo editing software and you’re on your way. With cinemagraphs, you can play with various elements to draw focus and intrigue to a particular aspect of the image. The stillness of the rest of the image acts as a foil to make subtle movements look spectacular.

  • It’s All Good

it's all good2

While we’re a digital team, there’s something incredibly fun about doing things with your hands. So no, this wasn’t a digitally altered type. We printed out the phrase and subsequently scanned it, moving the paper while the scanning happened. The results are warped text, effervescing with character and sass. You can try this too, but do make sure to protect your eyes from the scanner’s piercing light.