Channel the summertime vibes of inspiration, discovery and simple pleasures to try something with us: let’s agree to create something everyday for the month of July. It sounds intimidating, but trust us, creating something small won’t take up a large chunk of your time. It will, however, leave you feeling inspired. Is there anything quite as exhilarating has the joy of completing an artistic endeavour?

To help you get started, we’ll give you a few prompts now and then. You can interpret them as you’d like, express using any medium, and be as elaborate or minimalistic as you choose. We’re going to jump in right alongside you – follow us on Instagram to hold us accountable. Let’s create, have fun and awaken joy together.

Serving suggestions:

Thinking in yellow

Ice cream cones

A long, winding road

A room with no walls

Stars on a cloudy night

The girl you never knew

Alone in a city of your dreams

The best mee goreng

Siri wonders about freedom

and on

and on.

Happy creating!