Every year, the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA) organises an internship programme for students with an interest in learning more about the publishing industry. Since its inaugural run in 2015, the Internship Programme has been giving students the opportunity not only to intern at member organisations but also to attend seminars by industry professionals, allowing them to supplement hands-on learning with the honing of other skills such as copyediting, marketing, book designing etc. Last year, Wendy Wong – creative director of Tusitala – conducted one such seminar, and her topic of focus was naturally digital publishing. She enjoyed herself so much that she’s running another session this year as well! Let’s hear from her about what she has in store for the students, what she’s excited about, and where she hopes to share about digital content. 

The title of my training session is “Books, ebooks, apps and websites: Re-thinking the ebook in the digital age”.

I was excited to be invited by the SBPA to speak on the above topic because there is much to talk about, yet the opportunity to share my insights to a captive audience is not something to be taken for granted. As the new generation of young writers and publishers who are keen to part of the industry, they play an important role in shaping the digital and print book landscape and I feel encouraged by their boundless creativity, youthful energy and keen passion in pursuing their dreams. So through my sharing, I hope these students would be equipped with the right mindset towards digital publishing and establish healthy expectations of digital content.

For my session, I will be covering these key aspects of ebooks:

The now: the present state of digital publishing

The pain: what are the challenges faced in the digital publishing industry

The hope: celebrating the possibilities potential of ebooks

The future: how to be ready for the digital age and beyond

Learning takes place when there’s application of what you have just heard. After my sharing, I plan to provide the students a couple of real-world case studies to discuss in groups, followed by them sharing with everyone what solutions they would propose if they were to design and develop an ebook.

The best part of being in a group is the privilege to learn more because of the collective wisdom of everyone present. I am sure I will learn something new from them too, so here’s looking forward to spending an afternoon with the young adults next month!