If you’re a self-published writer in Singapore, or just anybody who took the road less travelled in your career, more often than not you’d find yourself in positions of hardship that require resilience in its sturdiest form. Hello, grit, old friend. Grit is the unique word given to the sweet blend of intense passion and the most dogged perseverance, the stuff ‘dreamers who do’ have in abundance. Here’s how to channel your grit to help you get to where you want to be.


Put in the hours


If you’ve found the thing that gets you excited to wake up in the morning, you’re lucky! Hold on to that with both hands. But to enjoy long-term progress towards your goals, put in the hours – practice what you do, and build on it each time! Give yourself new challenges that test your limits. Celebrate your achievements, find ways to improve your process. If it helps, make it a point to write down each time you’ve built upon your work to take you a step closer to your goals. This will help you sustain your energy and give you a sense of perspective when you need it.  




When the going gets tough, it is natural to slip into frustration and impatience. Learn to see these uncomfortable emotions as signs of growth. Choosing to hope for the better can be a powerful tool that helps keeps distracting filters such as fear and worry at bay while you work towards a positive outcome.


Take a break


Sure, grittiness is a great strength to build, but do everything with moderation. Often, the grittiest of us don’t know how to chill, take a break and do things that require absolutely zero grit from us. Funnily enough, the time we spend completely relaxed and far from our passions allows us to come back to it with fresh eyes and more clarity. Learning how to periodically switch off your grit is, in fact, just as important as switching it on to sustain you for the long run.


There’s an app for that…


Momento is a free journalling app that you can use to write down and reflect upon your work, challenges, and growth. A great partner app to help you put in the hours but also to synthesise your learning for the long haul.