The question on everyone’s mind is… how do I get more followers on Instagram? While it isn’t quite as straightforward as it used to be, here are some tried-and-trusted tips that will allow you to reach more people and strengthen your brand. We’ll delve into the new functionalities of Instagram (Instagram Live, Instagram stories, Boomerang, etc.) in our upcoming post.

Know your hashtags, especially the ones that are trending

Hashtags are a powerful tool for those of us looking to grow our audiences. Some users craft unique hashtags that come to be associated with their account. Wilton, for example, uses the hashtag #youmakeitamazing when they repost photos of their customers using their products. BooksActually uses the hashtag #ireadbooksactually. There are countless directions you could go with this, but having a strategy for your brand’s long-term vision will take you far.  Otherwise, simply find out what hashtags are commonly used by your ta


Vibe with your tribe 

To widen your reach, tap into your best resource – people! Holding Instagram contests in collaboration with influencers who have more followers allows you to get more social traction. Partnering with a more popular account whose audience profile generally aligns with yours is key. Most contests are fairly straightforward. They’re typically product/experience giveaways. Think about what you’d like people to associate with your brand, and provide the freebie accordingly. If you’re a self-published author, you could even think about what you can give in addition to your ebook.  Contests require participants to follow partner accounts (that’s you!) and tag friends on the post, allowing your account to get noticed by people. If your feed is interesting and unique, you can be sure that these people will stick around for more. Which brings us to the next point…


Quality trumps quantity 

The Instagram world has no dearth of beautiful images and quality content, so standing out can be a challenge. Before you craft a post, consider its quality, consistency and authenticity. Do the image and caption communicate your brand’s voice and story? Are your posts regular and of a coherent visual style? Are you leveraging on your unique voice and being as genuine and real as possible? Ask yourself these questions. If you’re just starting out, you may find it challenging to find your distinctive style immediately. This becomes a lot more instinctive over time, trust us.