Teachers, we know you put in countless hours of work, energy and heart into your job. As a little thank you, two of our ebooks ‘The Happy Student’ by Daniel Wong and ‘Raw Diamonds’ by Maggie Lai are priced at 50% off for the month of September! Don’t forget to leave your reviews 🙂

The happy1536 x 2008NEWDownload ‘The Happy Student’ on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, or Google Play Books.


Raw Diamonds 1536 x 2008NEWDownload ‘Raw Diamonds’ on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, or Google Play Books.


We want to remind you of the immense impact you have on students, for whom you’re sources of encouragement, affirmation and inspiration. ‘Raw Diamonds’ explores a teacher’s experiences uncovering “diamonds” within each of her students at an ITE. ‘The Happy Student’ will give you a student’s perspective on the issues they face, and their own struggles with maintaining a healthy balance between academic and emotional lives. Both books have the potential to make what you do more meaningful, enjoyable and enriching!

Hope you enjoy the treat 🙂 Happy Teacher’s Day!