Walk us through the items in your bag. What story does each item tell?

The items that I always carry around with me are my makeup pouch, my laptop, my drawing tablet, my phone and my wallet. Sometimes I like to keep a few mementos like birthday cards, train tickets, festival entries, etc in my smaller pouch as well. 

My makeup pouch – I love playing with makeup! There was one time I went bare-faced to the office and put my makeup on only when it was time to go home. I didn’t even have anything planned after, I just went home and slept, but I loved it!

My laptop and drawing tablet – Once I busted them out at Starbucks and the guy next to me was like okay……. Maybe because I took up his table space. I didn’t really care. I had to wait for somebody and what better way to kill time, right?

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Tell us about the work you did for the Speech Bubble website. What did you find most challenging to capture? What did you most enjoy and why?

The most challenging to capture, technically speaking, is the colours. The colours should represent the festive mood of the event, but I didn’t really want to turn it into an explosion of random colours. And since it’s for a web banner, I had to take into account the user experience as well. For example, the yellow that was originally chosen as the primary colour is actually much brighter than the one you see in the website right now. We (Wendy & I) had to make it slightly darker so it would be more comfortable for the eyes but at the same time not make it so dark that it’d lose the celebratory mood we wished to convey.

The part that I most enjoy is seeing my design come to life when Jeffrey our web developer worked his magic. The design I did for Speech Bubble has a lot of animation and parallax scrolling, so I had to give Jeff an animated mockup. But a mock-up is what it is – a mock-up. Therefore the most exciting part of any design work for me is seeing my visual conception turning into a fully functional form.


Give us a peek into your creative process. When you’re given a brief, how do you start translating that to a visual?

I discovered Pinterest two years ago and it has been pretty life-changing! The first thing I always do after I receive a brief is to create a mood board. Nowadays I do it in Pinterest, but previously I had a sketch book filled with images I printed from the internet as my mood board.

For web design, I create the wireframe next and then the mock-up itself, but for illustrations, my creative process is slightly different. You know, once Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Similarly, sometimes I already “see” the end visual in a piece of blank paper so it’s more of trying to work backwards to make my vision a reality. But as with everything in life, it’s not always angels that are set free. Sometimes it’s the devil, but that’s fine too.


What’s a creative challenge that you’ve recently tackled? How did you work your way through it?

I haven’t been doing anything challenging lately, but all my life I’ve been trying to develop a personal style that is distinctively my own. There was once it was so difficult for me to start drawing because I couldn’t stop comparing myself to other people – I kept trying to copy somebody’s style that I was uncomfortable with to no success. After being in a creative rut for about a year I stopped looking at other people’s work (unless for inspiration or mood boarding) and started doing one painting every two or three days. I have never been happier with my work now.


When you’re faced with creative block, how do you get the creative juices to flow again?

Travel! It can be just a short travel to a cafe you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, just get out of the house and immerse yourself in places you’re unfamiliar with. Oh and for me personally, watching anything from Studio Ghibli always does the trick.


What are your go-to websites for design inspiration?

I often head to places like Basher Graphic Books or sometimes Cat Socrates which is just next to it and browse physical copies. The Orchard Central Library is awesome as well. 


What are the key ingredients keeping creative juices delicious and fun? 😀

  • 1/2 cup of iced latte
  • 2tbsp of coloured pens and cute stickers
  • 3tbsp of sugary pop jam
  • 1tbsp Kanye West heep hap
  • 1tsp of people watching
  • 2tbsp of late-night bus ride
  • 1tbsp of fairy lights
  • 1/2 cup of wine
  • 2 cups of sleeping in the rain
  • Oh and always ask for secret tips from fellow juicers!



Any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

I’m currently working on a few personal projects on weekends. Nothing is set in stone yet but I wish everything will come together by next year 🙂 Hint: You can call it the Singapore version of Sailor Moon.


Given your fascination with lipstick, what’s the most outrageous colour you’ve ever worn?

In public? A very very very dark (almost black) lipstick! Makes me feel like a grown up version of Wednesday Addams.