We’ve noticed lately that an increasing number of content creators and publishers are exploring ways to incorporate digital elements into their stories. With a global shift towards digital storytelling through augmented reality, 360 videos, virtual reality, interactive apps – content creators can think about digitising in many more ways than just ebooks. If you’re looking for a digital approach to children’s content at AFCC 2016, here are the sessions to look out for.

26 May 2016

11.45am – 12.45pm | L1 Visitors Briefing Room

Digitising Children’s Books: Interactivity with Purpose 

Dina Rara (Project Manager, Sesame Street Indonesia – Jalan Sesama (Creative Indigo Production) & Amazing Edu)

Digitising books expand the books opportunities to do things that printed book cannot do. The session will explore ways to produce digital books that is not only entertaining, but educationally purposeful for children development.


27 May 2016

10.30m – 11.30am | L1 Visitors Briefing Room

Immersive Storytelling: Augmented Reality and Games to Engage Young Adults

Saad Chinoy (Chief Geek, Tusitala (RLS) Pte Ltd), Nataly Rios Goico (Creative Consultant,Conducttr)

We don’t “just read” or “just play games” anymore. We experience stories. Exploring how storytelling can involve our sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing, Saad Chinoy will go deeper into bringing the digital experience into the real world, while Nataly discusses how to “gamify your content” in order to create immersive and enduring transmedia experiences with higher engagement.



28 May 2016

9.00am – 10.00am | L5 Possibility Room

The Digital Human: Making the transition from books to digital texts

Janet Evans (Independent Scholar)

Janet Evans shares how children’s interest in picture books and moving image can be used to stimulate imaginative, creative and critical responses in relation to the underlying meanings in these thought-provoking texts.


11.45am – 12.45pm | B1 Multipurpose Room

Apps as Stepping Stones for Telling Stories 

Seán McHugh (Digital Literacy Coach , United World College of South East Asia)

‘App Overload’ is a common affliction for tablet users, avoiding the plethora of ‘skill and drill’ ‘educational’ apps. Instead, Seán will focus on just 8 apps for creation that children can not only consume, but use to tell their own stories.


3.15pm – 4.15pm | L5 Possibility Room

Technology Inspires Children Storytellers

Seán McHugh (Digital Literacy Coach , United World College of South East Asia)

In the minds of many of our students and parents, iPads are seen as gaming devices. Educators need to reframe these as learning devices through a focus on pedagogy not technology, by making much more effective use of the unique affordances of digital devices to amplify and transform storytelling.

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