Do you read digitally? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell your human)

Of course I do. I like sitting on the laptop, iPad, or any reading device because it is always so warm. It is perfect for my many naps that I have in a day. The human thinks that I am reading but I really just like the warmness.

Tell us about your relationship with the bunny in the box.

He is my BFF, my elder brother, my bolster, my pillow, my everything. Mr Bunny has been with me from the very first day I came to the bookstore.

We know you have a favourite spot in the store. Why is it your hideout of choice?

So that the silly humans can never find me that easily. It is also the best place to do a sneak attack on my older brother, and sister cats, Cake, and Pico. And because this cave is so small, it can only fit me and none of them all.


Species question: what’s with your fascination with boxes?

It is just like how you humans can’t do without your smart phone, we can’t do without a box too.

How digital is your life? Do you have a favourite gadget?

The human laptop is my favourite gadget. It is the warmest of all their electronic stuff. It plays music sometimes when I press the right buttons. And the best part is when they close the screen while i am still sitting on it. It will be half-closed, and it will feel like I am being pressed into a waffle-maker, it is so so so warm.

What’s your favourite food?

Food from Cake, and Pico’s bowl. I am the fastest eater during the meal time, and the best food is always food that is not given to you. I get to eat extras this way  😀

Name an interesting human you wouldn’t mind spending time with, and tell us why.

My mummy, Renee. She loves to talks to me, gives me kisses, and generally leave me on own alone. I don’t really like my daddy, Kenny because he likes to carry me all around the bookstore.

Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, what’s your relationship status?

S & A.

The most underrated virtue is

Eating fast.

If you could change one thing about humans, it would be…

They stop smelling so bad, and feed us more, like more, more, way more.