One of the biggest follies of our time is that spirituality, a deep connection with the self is inadvertently distanced from the mundane activities we perform on a daily basis. It is this divide that Singaporean author Brintha Devi hopes to address and diminish in her ebook ‘The Synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization’. Brintha adopts a multidisciplinary approach in this work, drawing on insight from religion, yoga, metaphysical sciences and her own experiences to compile a guide to everyday spirituality. We were happy to work on the cover for Brintha’s ebook, weaving in themes of mysticism and exploration that we observed in her writing. However, we were even more curious about her decision to go digital with her content. Here’s what she had to say.

What inspired you to write this book ‘The Synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization?

The inspiration to write this book is essentially for the passion of writing which I inhere in me. I love English language and literature very much. I get fascinated with profound and exotic vocabulary, philosophical treatise and approaches of all genres. These former mentioned attributes of mine prompted me to share my knowledge with the world by exploring writing as a career.

What was your main motivation for publishing an ebook versus a printed book? What do you think are some of the advantages of choosing a digital medium for publishing?

The factors that which motivated me to publish an ebook versus a printed book, was the convenience of the ability to author, correct and modify the ebook. It is also easier to distribute this ebook worldwide to attract diverse readership, expanding the market of this book. The digital medium functions as a catalyst to disseminate the word of my ebook being published, which eventually leads to faster and more prominent sales and fame. Tusitala Books is a fascinating ebook publisher that aims to achieve these former mentioned goals of digital publishing.

Describe your creative process. What did you find most enjoyable about writing your book?

The most enjoyable aspect of writing my book was the thought inspiration of selecting a genre to write about. Other steps flowed through naturally as a consequence: narrating the contents in the book and utilising charismatic vocabulary to empower the essence of the content. The book should flourish its knowledge to readers to be intellectually stimulating, transcendentally mesmerizing and philosophically entertaining.

What are three main things that you hope your readers will take away from your ebook?

I hope that the readers who read my book, will have learned the esoteric compatibility of spiritual life with the mundane life, the cosmic truth of enlightenment and spiritual as well as philosophical realization, and the etiquette of moral scruples and ancient pristine principles.

What did the process of writing your ebook teach you about yourself?

I have learned a lot from the writing of this book. I have learned the language and writing skills which I have discerned. I came know more about my strengths, talents, character and personality traits by writing this book.

What advice would you give to someone considering publishing an ebook?

I would encourage them to endeavor the channel of publishing an ebook, and to envision how this medium works for them in the field of writing.

Where do you see your writing career heading? What’s your next venture?

I foresee my writing career to be promising and successful in literary achievements. My next venture is to write another theme of book either on philosophy, poetry or maybe even politics.

We're stoked about how well the cover reflects the themes of exploration and self-discovery that are prominent in the book!

We’re stoked about how well the cover reflects the themes of exploration and self-discovery that are prominent in the book!

 The Synthesis of Modern Age Self-Realization is available for download on Google Play Books, Amazon, Kobo and iBooks. Don’t forget to check it out!