When writer Don Bosco came to us with this project, we were excited about the opportunity to create something, well, super cool with him. We’d worked with Don previously on his ereading app ‘Super Cool Books’, which featured his charming fantasy stories in a format suited to younger children. Recently, Don wanted to revisit his app and make it more suited to a tween audience. Naturally, we jumped at the challenge! The result, we think, speaks for itself.

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Working with Don is always fun, and this time was no different. His vision for the updated app was clear: he wanted something a little more grown up and true to the fantasy theme, so older kids or ‘tweens’ would relate to it better. He was excited to also share 6 new titles in the library! On our end, we racked our brains to think of what features we could add to the app without distracting from its main purpose – reading. So, with the help of a free flow of coffee and delicious snacks, we brainstormed and tried to put ourselves into the shoes of a typical tween. The answer, it turns out, was staring at us in the face – selfies! We all love the ability to make something our own with our pictures, and that’s exactly what the Super Cool Books app now offers.

The hexagon defines the theme of our app, and Don’s new logo. It appears on the side, next to the library of books. Your selfies go in the hexagon, and you can make the app your own! In addition to the new feature, there’s obviously all the other cool stuff like bookmarks, and the really readable format of the books themselves – with lots of white space to keep the experience clutter free. What shines through, though, are the stories themselves. Written in his engaging style, Don Bosco’s stories are filled with mystery, adventure, humor. Importantly, they impart life lessons on independence, doing the right thing and courage that will speak to tweens in meaningful ways.

But here’s now passing the spotlight to the creators of the app. Here are some behind-the-scenes stories about how the updated app came to be, straight from the wonderful people who made it happen.


If such a thing ever does exist, we call dibs.

Super Cool Books is available for download on the iPad in the App Store here.