With the Asian Children’s Content Festival (AFCC) arriving soon, we’d like to share what we’ve been working on: The AFCC app which is currently available on the App Store (Sorry Android!). Our close relationship with AFCC has led to the birth of this app and there are many swanky features that we think you’d love.  We’ve put in our heart and soul into creating this app and we really hope you’ll enjoy it.

When you launch the app, simply choose a title for yourself – Writer, Illustrator, Publisher, Media, Parent, Teacher. If you belong to more than one category, we also have the ‘Other’ option 🙂

With the Connect feature, tap on the edit icon to set up your own profile as well as your mini portfolio to share with the other wonderful users of the app. Upload pictures of your awesome work to showcase what you’ve been doing. Don’t forget to add email addresses and phone numbers to the profile, along with a short description of yourself.

Near Me
Within the same Connect feature, there is a “Near Me” function. Think tracking device with labels. At the AFCC venue (National Library), just open up the Connect feature to find out where other writers, publishers, teachers, parents, media and illustrators are. Each person is shown by a coloured circle. Tap a circle and the app will summon that person’s profile. This will allow easier collaborations (and sneaky stalking) or even a ‘chance encounter’ with your favourite writer! You can filter by category, which is a plus point if you’re looking to connect with a focused group of collaborators who flew in from overseas.

We’re pretty stoked about the in-app Chat feature, which allows you to talk to other app users with a simple tap. If you stumble upon an interesting profile and want to talk, request to chat and talk away! We included this feature keeping in mind that many people will be flying in from different parts of Asia and the AFCC is a great opportunity to meet up and talk face to face. Talk about helpful technology!

Map & Calendar
The map showcases the entire AFCC venue layout, good to have for the direction-less (sorry One-Directioners)! At a glance, you can figure out where a booth is, or where the workshop you’re attending is happening. Plus point: you can switch on the reminder and your iPhone will automatically remind you when the event is happening!

Notice Board
Think Facebook wall, but without spam. We included this feature so that users can reach out to potential collaborators even if they switched off the chat option.

AFCC 2014 will be held at the National Library from 30 May to 4 June. Drop by the Media Mart outside and browse through quality children’s books. Keep little ones entertained at a game kiosk which features an augmented-reality game involving rice, AFCC’s theme for the year! Entrance to the media mart is free, so bring everyone along. Also, our chief geek Saad will be giving a talk on Transmedia Storytelling at 4pm, June 3rd. Tusitala is also participating in this year’s Rights Exchange programme on 2 June and we are very excited! Hope to see you too!