When it comes to book cover designs, the designers and book lovers in the house all agree that it has a huge unspoken power determining whether we buy the book or not. When I saw the designs which our designer Cindy found on faceout books, immediately they brought a huge smile on my face.

The Tissue Paper Series by Jenny Grigg combines creativity, imagination and tissue paper

By manipulating coloured tissue paper and sticking them down, the final product has layers, texture, colours, form and feel. What a brilliant idea by designer and illustrator Jenny Grigg! Personally I love the unpolished look. When the things we pursue consistently take on the form of all things refined and glossy, such organic work is refreshing and most welcomed. I believe as we progress into the digital world, we should continue to appreciate the physical things and embrace them as part of the digital journey. Imagine using paper, tape, ribbons, cardboard, flower petals and recycled materials to form a design for your ebook cover. Who says ebook cover designs has to be created purely on Photoshop or Illustrator?

As a designer, I look forward to creating ebook cover designs that readers will fall in love with and pay attention to… and make you smile…

The Tax Inspector book cover. Lovely black and white contrast makes a compelling design.