There is no denial Singaporeans Love. To. Eat.

I live to eat. The Tusitala team is a whole bunch of foodies too! We have no qualms going all out in the hot afternoon sun to get our nasi padang, chicken rice or bak chor mee. One of us has this thing for fish head steamboat—he can eat it every other night! (Our favourite is a certain famous corner shop in North Bridge Road; we aren’t telling you more as we don’t want it more crowded than it already is…) Since Tusitala also loves all things Singaporean, you can’t imagine my excitement when I found tees created by Singaporeans, showcasing Singaporean food!

Ice Kachang tee

You can eat ice kachang and wear it at the same time! Photo credit: Nom Nom


Nom Nom was born in early 2011 out of pure love for Singapore, Singaporean food and sharing food experiences with others. The food images you see are lovely hand-drawn illustrations, capturing each dish in all its original glory. The beauty is in the details and accuracy of the drawings and I really love how the colors of the dish contrasts so well against the white/cream base.

Serving up a hot bowl of laksa! Mmm! Photo credit: Cindy Tan (Tusitala)

Nasi lemak with extra chilli and extra ikan bilis. Just the way I like it! Photo credit: Cindy Tan (Tusitala)


Check out Nom Nom and their story behind these delicious t-shirts. And since its so hot these days, why don’t you order yourself a nice cold ice kachang?

As for me, since I am such a foodie, I couldn’t help but dig into the famous Katong laksa myself! Slurp slurp… What is your all time favourite Singaporean dish? Chilli crab? Char kway teow? Satay? Tell us about it!

Any time's a good time for some laksa! Photo credit: Cindy Tan (Tusitala)