How can anyone not know Lego?

Just mention this word Lego and you would expect a very special kind of expression from both children and adults. Many of us who are privileged enough to have good quality toys would remember our childhood was spent largely with these bricks.

Together with my brother, I grew up playing with Lego. The main difference between our play was, he built airplanes and guns, but me? I used the green bricks to represent vegetables on a plate, red ones for meat in my toy frying pan and yellow ones for macaroni. Sometimes when I did build something, I put together a house so that all my farm animals had a place to stay. That’s why Lego is so awesome—it really lets the child’s imagination run wild and have endless fun.

Today, after almost two decades, I finally found out for myself what is the meaning behind this famous brand name. “Leg godt” means “play well” in Danish. The creator of the colorful plastic bricks wanted children to play well. And play well, we did. For 80 years. Which is really an awesome achievement!

Children all over the world across many generations love Lego but how many of us know the true and touching story behind it? Did you also know that Lego in Latin means “I put together”? The following animated film (thanks to our designer for sharing it with me!) captures the full essence of the love that goes behind creating this toy. This is definitely a story we know which needs to be told.

Tusitala wishes Lego a happy 80th birthday! Meanwhile, I am itching to visit Toys ‘R’ Us