All the Lion City folks around us are in the mood of celebrating the nation's 47th birthday this week. At Tusitala, we are definitely doing our part as well. Presenting to you our Unofficial National Day Fun Pack item: information + graphics.

We have been trying to 'kay poh' (poke our nose into) what's the situation like for Singapore in terms of the digital publishing scene here, but it has been a challenging journey getting hold of updated and localised data. However, in true Singaporean spirit, we did not give up and decided to have a bit of fun while at it. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we are happy to present our initial findings as an infographic (see below). To commemorate this special presentation, we chose an all-things-Singaporean theme. From Singlish to our striking red and white colours.

So if you 'catch no ball' (clueless) about ebooks vs printed books , you don't have to be 'blur like a sotong' (confused) anymore. Check out the pros and cons of each medium, and perhaps think about how each one is affecting our lives here. Is there really a need to determine a winner, or will both mediums enjoy their own space in this tiny island? Which one do you enjoy reading more? Share your thoughts with us! You can write to us at or simply leave your comments here. We will be most delighted to hear from you; your responses will definitely make a big difference to us. Let your voice be heard!
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Meanwhile, keep “Loving Singapore, our Home”!

Happy National Day!

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