Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles have just penned their first book, “Owl Know How”– an adorable book filled with gorgeous photos of cute rabbits and fluffy, colourful owls.

All handmade out of felt in their cardboard city, the book even comes with a pattern for creating a little owl of your own!

Credit: Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles

Cat Rabbit is a textile artist and designer whose expertise is giving a very unique personality to felt creatures. Isobel Knowles is an animator who is interested in giving natural movement to unnatural things. (Knowles  has a particularly impressive backstory – she’s also a musician and plays in the band Architecture in Helsinki.) They teamed together for an animation on their tactile creations, but were approached by a publisher who said she’d like to turn their toys into a book.

In an interview with Ozanimate, a blog about Australian animation, Rabbit and Knowles answered the question, “Why owls?”:

“Why owls? Then we just kind of thought, why not?

There’s a very long history of owls being this coveted and idealised animal. A lot people collect them, a lot of things are made about them, so it’s kind of perfect in a way. We could have the main character be obsessed with owls just like a classic owl lady, so of course if she’s going to suggest anything it’s going to be owls.”

Credit: Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles

The book is proving to be a hit in Australia, but an even bigger one would be their toys. In their bookshop events parents and children make little owls and masks.

It’s wonderful to see artists and authors collaborate on creating tactile experiences for children.

Children after all learn differently. Tactile learners touch things to get a sense of them. They learn by handling objects.

“Owl Know How” is not only a lovely picture book about owls and rabbits who solve big problems but also a great learning tool for kids to learn indie crafts. 🙂