Apple launched its iTunes Store in 12 Asian markets on Wednesday, giving consumers access to millions of songs and movies.

Credit: Apple

Music lovers and app users in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Taiwan and Vietnam will now be able to buy music as well as rent and purchase videos, or buy and download apps.

Before Wednesday’s announcement, users in these countries were unable to make purchases through the iTunes Store unless they used credit or gift cards registered to countries were the iTunes Store was officially available.

However, the expansion did not include China and India — the iTunes Store may not have made it to the huge markets due to licensing problems and piracy concerns.

iTunes offers over 20 million songs and 650,000 apps, and the new local iTunes stores will feature both local music as well as content from all over the globe. According to Apple, customers can also rent or purchase movies from the iTunes Store, with many available in stunning HD, from major studios including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures.

This is superb news for consumers who are eager to purchase the latest apps, music and movies. But for content creators in Asia, this is a major game-changer.

The rollout will likely spur the local content market to produce as much and as quickly as possible.

Now that there is access to Apple’s high quality services, people are sure to pay for good content.

Now would be the best time for artists, writers, and content creators to get started on their ebooks and apps.

The moment they’ve been waiting for has arrived, and getting their creations out there — to the fastest growing region in the world — would be as easy as signing up for an iTunes account.

At the rate things are going, iBooks will probably be available in Asia faster than we think. Writers and publishers who have previously been concerned about not having their content available in the local market may soon ease their worries. iTunes’ presence in Asia now is more than just a hopeful sign for writers and content creators. It also means they can get endlessly creative.

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