Credit: Will Terry

A new children’s app and eBook teaches kids that reading can be fun. (Just don’t be fooled by the title.)

Author and illustrator Will Terry says he hated reading in general when he was younger and really suffered in school. With this inspiration, he decided to create his own dream project which is what I HATE READING! really is about.

Here’s more from Will Terry:

“I’m going to be releasing it as an iOs app first (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) but if my Kickstarter brings in enough money I’ll be making a printed book as well. I’m having so much fun exploring the differences between print and digital development. I really like the idea of being able to tell the same story in both mediums but being able to go further with animation, sound, and the spoken word is just freakin cool!”

His app version will have small animations, sounds, and voice tracks.

Terry gets very creative with his pledges too:

– US$5 for a PDF of I HATE READING!

– $30 for a PDF, iOs app, and signed print copy

– $90 for a PDF, iOs app, print copy and framed signed sketch of a penguin or cat

– $200 for a PDF, iOs app, mention and an hour Skype call with the author/illustrator

– $900 and you get a PDF, iOs app, mention, framed custom 3 panel arc + you get to design the plot

For those of you who don’t know,  Kickstarter is a “crowd funding” website that specializes in design, art, and publishing type projects. The idea is pretty simple. Instead of pitching an idea to a business or a business entity like a publisher – crowd funded sites allow you to pitch your idea to the public – online. The “pitcher” announces what he/she plans to produce and then through a series of rewards – invites “backers” to pledge money towards the products the “pitcher” is offering.

In this case Terry is going to make an iOs app first (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) and a printed book second. In addition he’s also offering small incentives like prints and drawings.

Learn more about the project below: