The 100-day countdown has begun. And millions of people around the world are getting ready for the best sporting event this year.

If physical activity and cheering for your country is not your thing, here’s another good reason to head to London — Poetry Parnassus.

Poetry Parnassus is part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World.

Set to be the largest poetry event in the UK, Poetry Parnassus will take place from 26 June to 1 July 2012 at the Southbank Centre in London.

According to the BBC:

“The Poetry Parnassus will open with a Rain of Poems, featuring 100,000 bookmark-shaped poems to be released from a helicopter in half an hour, to be caught by a crowd waiting on the Southbank Centre’s Jubilee Gardens.”

This hugely ambitious project, led by Artistic Director Jude Kelly and Artist in Residence Simon Armitage, will include readings, workshops and discussions with all the poets who were nominated through public voting.

Never have so many poets and so many languages been together in one place, with each poet contributing a poem in their own language.

Here’s more about the event:

– It was inspired by Mount Parnassus, which was said to have been the home of the Muses – goddesses of literature, science and the arts in Greek mythology.

– Some well known poets will grace the event:  Jang Jin Seong, Kim Jong-Il’s exiled court poet; Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney; Jill Shapcott from Britain; Kosal Khiev, a Cambodian refugee exiled in the US;  83-year-old Anise Koltz from Luxembourg; and about 150 more.

– The Southbank Centre received more than 5,000 nominations of potential poets to take part in Poetry Parnassus from the public and poetry organisations round the world.

– Poet Simon Armitage thought of the festival as “a big sort of fair, where people are bringing their wares and putting them on display”. “It’s our own Olympic event, which is non-competitive and celebrating the ancient democratic art form of poetry,” he added.

Check out the full list of poets at The Guardian website.