Apps have always been about games and user productivity, but rarely do you get one that makes a difference and helps many children for years to come.

Tell Me About It! Learning Language by Receptive Function, Feature & Category is just that, an iPhone/iPad app for developing early language skills.

Credit: Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

The app is based on the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach and the developers have tried, as much as is possible with this app, to mimic an actual one-on-one instructional session with a therapist. ABA is the only evidence-based effective intervention treatment for autism endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Surgeon General.

The application is user friendly and features more than 235 language targets and over 500 unique testable attributes. Each application can also accommodate up to 10 customized user accounts, allowing for individualized difficulty levels and rewards to be set for each user. The robust back-end also provides standardized reports for each user that can narrow down to the lesson or word, identifying any gaps or issues.

How it Works

– the app provides 15 categories of language targets; such as body parts, household items, clothing and food; and six levels of difficulty, which progressively become more difficult

– in level 1 the child may be asked which object is white, when presented with 3objects; level 6, the child may be asked to touch 2 (of the 3) items that have a bun or have fur

– for each correct response, the child is rewarded with both visual and auditory reinforcement

– for each correct response, a token jumps out along with positive reinforcement

The App’s 3 Engines

Credit: Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

Gaming: responsible for serving up the correct questions

– Statistics: for capturing user input — which questions the student got right or wrong — and tallying them up in a score card

– Teacher’s Console: for teachers to monitor each student’s profile

In its first week of being available for purchase on the iTunes store over 400 applications were sold and the application was given 4.5 stars out of 5 by the website

The Bottomline from

“If you are looking for an app to help a child that has speech or language delays, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, consider Tell Me About It! It is very well designed and reasonably priced for the amount of content and details it contains.”


Watch the video below to learn more about the app: